An alternative chocolate recipe for a French friend, expat in Canada!! I know she like Bea.. This is for you!!! :-)

Carib truffles

3 bars extra noir biological bitter chocolate
1 tablespoon of milk ( or soy or rice milk)
100 grams of sesam cream
3 egg yolks
100 grams natural carob powder

Break chocolate bars and put them in a pot and melt them in the bagno-maria manner.Add milk, water, and sesame cream to the melted chocolate.Mix well.Add yolks one at a time, mixing until the paste is smooth.Then let cool.After an hour, scoop out little balls ( “truffles”) with a teaspoon and roll them in carob powder.Arrange them in a plate and sprinkle them with carob powder.Keepthem dry an cool… Do you like it, Bea?? ;-)

Variants…If you want to make the truffles lighter, you can use a mixter of 50% chocolate and 50 carob powder, which is a good substitute for chocolate, but without sugar!!